Discussion Between George Washington and Justin Bieber

George Washington Justin Bieber
Good day, Mr. Bieber. I trust you are doing well. Good day, Mr. Washington. I am doing great, thank you.
I wanted to discuss the laws of inequalities with you. As a founding father, I have always been interested in the principles of legal inequality. Absolutely, Mr. Washington. The difference between moral rights and legal rights is also an important distinction to understand in our society today.
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Speaking of laws, do you know if absinthe is legal in the Philippines? It’s an interesting question to ponder. I’m not sure about that, Mr. Washington. However, I do know that the legal age of consent in Virginia is an important topic for young people to understand.
Do you have any insight into whether private pay nursing home care is tax deductible? It’s a topic that concerns many individuals. I’m not familiar with that, but I have read about verbal threat laws and the legal protections and consequences associated with them.