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They’re also known for soft skills such as Customer-service skills, Listening skills, and Speaking skills.

  • If you’re a methodical thinker who’s good at monitoring processes and making sure everything runs smoothly, then CompTIA Server+ may be a good next step for you.
  • They will also need to be able to troubleshoot complex problems and provide customer support.
  • Adding CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) or CompTIA PenTest+ will take your career to the next level.
  • The power of water is humbling, something that anyone who has ever been through a flood knows well.
  • Senior infrastructure engineers average a higher salary than the annual salary of help desk engineers.
  • CompTIA Server+ is a good choice for someone looking to move up from the help desk because it is the only server certification not restricted to a single platform.

Alternatively, you may choose to move to a different organization where you can take on a more senior role. After you decide which certification is right for you, head on over to the CompTIA Store to select a training product or bundle to help you study. Bundles always include a free retake voucher just in case you need a second chance. The goal is to create value for clients that will help preserve the company’s reputation and business. Choose your next certification and download the exam objectives for free to get started. Interpreting raw data and turning it into usable feedback and applications is a vital part of any company, and why organizations are now hiring data scientists.

Help Desk Engineer Salary by State

If you’re interested in becoming a help desk engineer, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need. We’ve determined that 51.1% of help desk engineers have a bachelor’s degree. SuDS inspire the prevention of catastrophic flooding by building off of nature’s learnings over thousands of millennia, rather than just humankind’s over the last few centuries.

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How To Become An IT Service Desk Manager.

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They’re 2.8% less likely to obtain a Master’s Degree while being 0.6% less likely to earn a Doctoral Degree. On average, desktop support specialists reach similar levels of education than help desk engineers. Desktop support specialists are 2.1% less likely to earn a Master’s Degree and 0.6% less likely to graduate with a Doctoral Degree.

Service Desk Engineer Job Description Example

This could involve becoming an expert in a particular type of software or hardware, or in a specific area of customer service. As a specialist, you will be in high demand and can command a higher salary. The salary of a service desk engineer can vary depending on their level of education, years of experience, and the size and industry of the company. Information engineers earn the highest salary when working in the technology industry, where they receive an average salary of $107,435.

This more traditional pathway opens the door to job roles like network support technician and junior system administrator. An information engineer is responsible for monitoring the efficiency of computer systems and network infrastructure, performing configuration to boost the optimal performance of the technology systems. Information engineers assist end-users in resolving network issues, identifying the source of inconsistencies, and create resolution reports for reference to avoid reoccurrence. They also design new network systems according to business needs and client specifications, running multiple diagnostic tests to ensure effectiveness before the release of final deliverables. An information engineer should have excellent technical skills, as well as a strong command of programming languages and system codes. In general, desk support technicians achieve similar levels of education than help desk engineers.

Systems Engineer

The need for more technical talent is a trend that is being felt across all industries, but it is especially prevalent in the service desk industry. As businesses become increasingly reliant on technology, they are looking for professionals who can help them manage and maintain their systems. Demand for these workers will increase as organizations continue to outsource IT services and support to reduce costs. Service desk engineers will be needed to provide support for the vendors providing these services.

  • Bundles always include a free retake voucher just in case you need a second chance.
  • Historically, humans have managed this through designing more impermeable drainage structures like pipes, sewer networks, dams, and much else.
  • On the other hand, senior infrastructure engineers use skills like cloud, aws, azure, and powershell on their resumes.
  • This role is tasked with overseeing the development of new databases, monitoring database performance, and interpreting raw data and turning it into usable feedback and applications.
  • For example, they could start out with a role such as systems administrator, progress to a title such as information technology manager and then eventually end up with the title information technology director.
  • CompTIA Linux+ validates your Linux skills so employers know you have the skills to make the most out of their data science tools.