Are State Laws Superior to Federal Laws?

Listen up, y’all, gonna rap about the law

State laws and federal laws, which one we gonna draw?

Are state laws superior to federal laws or nah?

Let’s break it down, get ready for the law school raw

When you’re driving your car, watch out for the cops

Get a LegalShield traffic ticket, make sure they drop

5 functions of law in society, let’s take a look

From settling disputes to maintaining order, it’s all in the book

Golf carts, are they legal on the street?

Before you ride, make sure you’re not in defeat

Negative effects of legalizing drugs, it’s a heavy load

Health and society, both can erode

What’s heresy meaning in law, you might ask

Understanding the legal implications, it’s a tough task

Who owns Intact Insurance Company, let’s find out

Uncovering ownership details, remove any doubt

Fixed term agreement vs periodic agreement, what’s the diff?

Key differences explained, give me a whiff

Gleaning laws, understanding legal rights and regulations

Common law remedies in environmental law, bring on the consultations

So there you have it, a rap on the law

From state laws to legalizing drugs, we’ve covered it all